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The honor of Abaarso School, its Owners, its Foreign Teachers, its Muslim Students and their Parents Should not be Violated



The honor of Abaarso School, its Owners, its Foreign Teachers, its Muslim Students and their Parents Should not be Violated and Deserves Protection by the Somaliland Government and its People!

A gentleman whose name I won’t bother to mention here, has been consistently spreading nasty rumors about the founder, the foreign teachers, and the students of Abaarso School. These accusations have been going on for some time now. They are made on the basis of some YouTube videos and pictures whereby some few girl graduates of the Abaarso School are seen not wearing proper hijab.

The reason that I have felt it necessary for me to come out and speak against these nasty accusations is that I myself, because of being somehow indirectly associated with the “Abaarso” brand name, I’ve been having questions thrown at me concerning these accusations.

My big disappointment is to see many of you Somalilanders not only accepting and believing these stories without bothering to check the facts, but also, not standing up against them! My guess is that the reason you believe these stories is that the person making them is using the name of Islam to make his accusations. And yet the accusations of this gentleman violate not only the honor of the founder and the foreign teachers of the school, but more so that of the Muslim students and their parents! In Islam the honor of a Muslim deserves protection and cannot be violated, especially so on the basis of what the eye sees or the ear hears through the media and electronic devices.

The Shari’ah has the highest standards of verification when it comes to making accusations. Everyone, including this gentleman is subject to these Shari’ah obligations.

Allah says: قُلْ هَاتُوا بُرْهَانَكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ صَادِقِينَ “Qul hatu burhanakum in kuntum sadiqeen.” “Say: Give us your proof and demonstration if you speak truth!” (Q. 2:111).

A video or a photo does not constitute proof in the Shari’ah, you need to bring four eye-witnesses to prove your accusations. Otherwise, the person making accusations will be lashed or flogged for libel (qazf) and sent on his way and marked as a FASIQ. Spreading fitnah, character assassination and being a false witness (Shahadat az-zur) are part of the gravest sins (Kaba’ir) in Islam, next to shirk, murder and treachery.

Therefore, from an Islamic perspective, this gentleman has the obligation to produce for us four groups of witnesses to prove his accusations against the school, as follows:

  • Witnesses from the Somaliland Ministry of Education inspectors, who always do checks on the school,
  • Witnesses from the hundreds of parents who have enrolled their kids in this school ever since it started, telling us if they have ever noticed abnormal behavior from their kids who attend the school,
  • Witnesses from the real, bonafide students of the school and not some dropouts, and finally
  • Witnesses from the local community where the school is based, – concerning its impact etc.
  • Historical Perspective

The owner and faculty of Abaarso School have moved thousands of kilometers from across the world to assist our Somali and Muslim children, and on top of that the owner had had to donate a half million dollars of his own money to start the school. One would think that Somalis would embrace them for all this effort and sacrifice or at least leave them alone to do their work.

Unfortunately, some unethical individuals instead have been consistently trying to undermine their efforts since the inception of the school. All kinds of hideous things continue to be said and written about them and the school, often from people who’ve never even met them and have only heard false rumors. The students of the school often go home and have people who know nothing but rumors tell them that the school is training them to be Jewish and Christian missionaries! I’ve even heard that at one time it got so bad that on one website someone wrote, “If we kill a few of them then the rest will go home.”

Notwithstanding all the above, we see the huge positive impact the school is making. At this point, and in a short span of less than 10 years, Abaarso students have earned scholarships to Harvard, MIT, Amherst, Georgetown, Carnegie Melon, and numerous other great universities. Harvard is perhaps the most famous university in the world, MIT is the top engineering school, Amherst is often ranked in the top few liberal arts colleges, Georgetown top for foreign service, and Carnegie Melon best in computers. Getting accepted to these schools is quite an achievement for Somali kids growing up in Somaliland without foreign citizenships. In total, the school now has approximately 100 students continuing their education internationally, the vast majority in the US. Other countries the school’s students are studying in include Japan, China, Germany, Qatar, S. Africa, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

Somalilanders must understand that Abaarso is doing a great service to their society and that those spreading these rumors are doing so for their own selfish motivations. You also need to understand that that the owner donated a half million dollars of his personal wealth, and to establish that school and get it running he had to work 90 hours each week without any pay, for nothing more than the good of the school and its students. You also need to understand that Abaarso teachers work long days and they only receive volunteer salaries. Most of all, you need to understand that Somali children are getting a world-class education, not only academically, but also in how to be good human beings. The values that Abaarso teaches are consistent with the Islamic religion and culture. Abaarso students volunteer to teach at the Hargeisa Orphanage 3 days per week and operate a school for the local children in Abaarso Village 5 days per week.

Around the world, for your child to get an education like the one at Abaarso you’d need to pay fees in the region of $20,000 or more per student per year. But Abaarso school offers this education at under 10% of that cost. This is because the teachers essentially donate their time and in a way, they are the largest donors to the school, because they bring in their donation not in form of money but rather in work.

Finally, many Somalis don’t know this, but Abaarso has students from every region of Somaliland as well as a number of students from Somalia. Students from Mogadishu and Puntland have been welcomed into the school and are treated with the respect they deserve.

So, instead of believing these kinds of stories, we should rather be asking those who spread them what is it of great impact have they contributed to Somali society and the Ummah so far?


Written By:

Mwalim Juma Imran

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OpEd: Recall Of Berbera Oil Storage Facilities – A Major Milestone




Written by: Abdirahman Aideed


Majority of the public in Somaliland welcomed and aired their congratulations for the president of Somaliland (H.E. President Muse Behi) for his remarkable decision, August 2018, to recall the national oil storage facilities in Berbera from the hands of the currently run private company(ies) to remain under the management of the government.

The former president Silanyo government tabled a resolution/motion to the parliament in August 2015 to approve the privatization of the Oil Storage Facilities to private companies. The parliament objected the motion with majority ruling vote. However the government has overruled and implemented the decision with presidential degree by October 2015. A period of about three years of being run the property by the private companies, there were number of arguments in the public domain, as such arrangement tempted a number of risks to the public interest including slack quality control of the petroleum coming into the country and national security as well.  This debate heated up in April 2018 when a sub-standard petrol offloaded into the storage facility that has affected many vehicles as owners suffered heavy unaccounted financial loss for repairing the damaged machines by that poor quality fuel, and that is why the public are clapping for the action of the president. In socio-economic perspective we can mark it as “the SECOND MILESTONE” for President Behi, since he come into power.

Dear reader, let me remind you also the FIRST MILESTONE for President Muse Behi Abdi, which has happen in March 2018, , when a presidential letter/order released by the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Qambi, in a press conference. The minister explained in detail the message from the president, informing all government respected offices about the suspension of any tenure awarded for the natural seaway land in Berbera (aka Raasiga). This land of about 3.5 Km into the sea waters is a natural inland that remain untouched for centuries and safeguarded as national property by all subsequent administrations that ruled Berbera in history. The Raasiga is believed to be the comparative advantage that gave Berbera to have the importance of being a strategic sea port for centuries. The Behi’s predecessor of Mr. Silanyo government awarded property ownership deeds of Raasiga to business people and individuals that had an influence in the ruling regime. President’s decision of retaining the rights of Raasiga was also commended by the public and termed as the FIRST MILESTONE for President Muse Behi accomplishments of recollecting the national properties that has been privatized by those in power, before him, to themselves as beneficiaries and their respective closer friends, relatives and bogus political allies that later vanished.

Terminating buddy based contracts in Egal International airport and ensuring such diverted incomes go directly to the national income box was also another key THIRD MILESTONE for MBA. Though there are still some government duties that are franchised to private hands to, for instance, print various national tax stamps and logos etc., the majority of the public regarded this third milestone as the beginning of empowering tax collecting departments and upholding the government reputation.

Recovering the national properties and income sources is not an easy task and there are number of reasons for making the task challenging, these will include: First, prominent figures from the former ruling executive power under H.E. Silanyo are believed to have vested interests in those privatized projects. Secondly, such finger-pointed de-facto officers conserve deep-rooted support to a major constituencies that was among Behi’s voting centers, which has contributed President Behi’ s landslide victory to come to the Power House and hence touching below the belt of those individuals will implicate Behi’s political support and jeopardize for his intentions in next term elections. Thirdly, the opposition sustained a continuous pressure, which sometimes seems embedded with number of spicy ingredients on the President to weaken his political support status.  All these and plus are putting the president in a situation with least options to take drastic corrective actions in the system, and he may even sometimes opt sitting on the burning pans, despite being fiery and heatening.


Back to the topic, the Nationalised Oil Storage Complex in Berbera, implications are not easy either. This Presidential decision is coming in a situation where already other private companies are given permits and allowed to establish and construct their own oil/Fuel storages in the fuel port quarters by former Silanyo government. Envisaging such a trend it is understandable that privatised oil storage facilities constructions would ignite uneasy market competition with government owned facilities. The current allied company that was recently running the government facilities, could also demand to establish their own private Oil Storage facilities, because that path is already open, they can also use to store their imported supplies to privately owned storage facilities. This cites the scenario of the unchanged status quo of the national banks of the government in compare to the fast developed private banks., which could mean government oil storage facilities will same be only used by the government, should they not become dynamic and competitive in the market.  In that regard the re-nationalized government Oil Storage facilities perhaps can only commercially survive if the government retains the right of becoming the sole proprietor of such giant facilities in the country, like the norm and practice are in the region, especially in the port of Berbera, while oil importers will only be users of the facilities. See more on this in an earlier article on the same subject


However, there are number of awaited milestones, from the new president to accomplish:

  1. To recall the reserve lands for the port and free zone expansion, aka Noobiyadda area, as was the plan in history.
  2. To implement the issued order regarding the Raasiga area
  3. To initiate a law, or issue presidential degree of making clear demarcation of the state properties that only the government can own, run and manage vs. what properties the public or private sector can be engaged and to what level. For instance, can an individual or private company retain the ownership of (a) a sea port? (b) An airport? (c) An Oil well? (d) A mineral well/cave? (e) City water supply? (f) Fuel Storage complex at import/export hubs? (g)Export livestock health check quarantines/Mahjars? …….just to mention few.


In my view, I think such resources and facilities can only be run by a government on behalf of the ownership of the state.


Written by:

Abdirahman Aideed


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Baadigoob: Jawaabta Goobjoogayaasha Caalamiga ah




Halkan Kala eeg Maqaal uu qoray Mr. Michael Walls, Madaxa Goobjoogayaasha Caalamiga ah ee Doorashadii Madaxtooyada Somaliland ee 2017kii. Farriintan ayuu Michael ku caddaynayaa arrimo muddadan dambeba dhex wareegayay baraha bulshada iyo tuhuno lagu faafiyay muuqaal lagu baahiyay baraha bulshada oo la yidhaahdo “Baadigoob”.


Halkan kala deg Maqaalka oo Faahfaahsan:


OpEd Somali

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OpEd: The Lost Intellectuals




They live in a place where the tribalism is the major dream that the leaders in their country kill to hunt what they want to find. They live in a place where the only opportunity they can mostly get is a life that is related to their heredity family prosperity or clan based opportunity that they cannot learn anything more; where an international NGO/INGO’s go after their rights, because there are no more opportunity they can get.  Every new authority promise to develop somewhere  or something but after they get the lead position they tend to spent their time and money many vehicles and new houses  for billions of money. Where none of them is aware about even the name of their country; or the passport of their own country.

In each year they try to improve and support their society just for dream; they defeat their government on  all the social media  for  hope; they support every one promise unity of their community and developing of their countries production because of hope; in each year of election they expect new change and support for  bright future but after another few years of dream and wishes they nearly lost all their dream; and they lost like nothing until their sight  is dark  in every other way of dream.

The youth which are almost finish their first generation in a dream seasons; were there are more politicians but their sense of politician is not rather  of  having  a big houses; cars and eat good food at  homes; where even they do not think about how they find for it; and they are mostly from outside of the country and they send their children to the most popular university and they send their family and wives to the most beautiful countries and they just visit for rest; while they block  the right of the street children.  The mother that don’t sleep because of worry; gets up early in the morning or midnight around 3:am to feed her  an orphan child; or the single mother that her husband lost any opportunity to have a work or don’t even  consider  his children anymore and busy for feeding his self-non-sense grass like goats all the day and night.

The right of the child in 20 years of age who is already lost in African coastal area and the sea animal have hunted him; most beautiful African girls that lost their most important body in the African coastal and their hunger poor mothers faces is unknown because of sadness and worry; which has many of them effected with diseases in the coastal area; all this does not make any sense to our politicians until his children are safe  and in beautiful country that a leader of his age, mind and power to make it a country that everybody likes it; a youth have a leader who campaign to support them and improve their future life but cannot even have any dream to step forward; no more foot print; no real dream; a youth which have a coastal area of more than 360 feet who do not know how to live  for it and have no   power to learn and cannot across where  their families  are from because of tribalism and lack of leadership.

A  youth which cannot learn any more about government because of their heredity leadership tribalism; a youth which are just separate because of where  their families  are from and cannot make a change any more; a youth which their maturity is after 30 years old and death for worry diseases and do not know where to go and what to do even in that age; a youth which their intellectuals got mad after more think and lack of leadership; a youth which have the most powerful mentally and physically but cannot do any more because of leadership situation; a youth which have not any role model; a youth which have no motivation; a youth which cannot realize their dream; a youth which are ready to change their people, country, and mind but have not any support; a youth which have no  power to eliminate to bring new ideas; a youth who live in a country while  the leaders are the business men’s, doctors, telecommunications, and everybody  of their families  have a department of the authority without any humanity.

The question doesn’t the street child is citizen? Why educative citizen cannot do a work that an international citizen take a lot of money in the country? Why the community are separate and not support each other? Isn’t that because of selfish campaign tribalism? Why they teach the others out of their nation where they from I mean which clan they are? Is it the leadership? If it’s not the leading why the religion make equal brotherhood on all the different individuals that become Muslim when the prophet (csw) was spreading the religion? If it is not then why all American people mention that they are just American from that city? Why and why?


Written by:

Amran Abdirahman 

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